Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 08-26-2010

  • 06:38:37: You know, I have no interest in Naruto, but I find myself really interested in his parents. They look awesome.
  • 06:39:21: So if there's any Naruto fans out there in the know, point me to the chapters where they appear? 8D
  • 06:40:13: I'm also considering watching another Shonen Jump show now because I'm interested in the main character's grandparents... *weird*
  • 06:48:30: RT @mmmizuuu: タケシ「俺ブリーダー兼医者を目指すよ!」 サトシ「フィー!ここがイッシュ地方か!アイリスもデントも面白いやつだし、たのしいなぁ!」 「あっタケシじゃないか!」 「いやぁ、ポケモン医療はイッシュ地方が最も進んでるんだ!」 「じゃあ一緒に(ry
  • 20:52:29: Watched the first two episodes of Paranoia Agent with mom in the room. The whole time she was like "what the hell is this?!?"
  • 20:52:55: So yeah, I think I'll watch the rest after she's gone to bed...
  • 20:55:44: Maybe I'll get Tokyo Godfathers or Millennium Actress next on Netflix. She'll probably respond to those better. ^^;
  • 21:27:58: We made onigiri for dinner tonight. :D 久しぶり〜〜
  • 23:53:54: My Twitter BFFs: @umekopyon @venusaurus @penguintruth @kimalysong @msgamgee89 @sieteseventh @duune99. Find yours @

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