Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 08-11-2010

  • 01:21:30: Arggghhh the words aren't coming to me today. I'm stuck. D: And I'm so close to finishing this...
  • 01:36:51: L-LOL, they ride around on a pink Hummer called "See-Through."
  • 02:18:45: I've decided on the subtitle for Chapter 12: "Awkward Situations, All the Time." #sophd
  • 14:07:12: Am un-stuck now, but ohhh my god, I don't know if I should keep this scene in...
  • 14:11:32: It amuses me, but plot-wise it's kinda unnecessary. It's just sheer self-indulgence. Also, I can't read it out loud without laughing.
  • 14:30:06: Well, that's the same problem I had with some scenes in Chapter 11 Part 1. I'm just having too much fun with the characters and situations.
  • 18:09:46: Meh, I want to think over this last scene some more, so I'll only be bringing 2756 words tonight. Which is more than enough anyway.
  • 18:14:33: And I'm sure everyone who doesn't care about my stupid fanfic is tired of me talking about it. Sorry! At least I'm working on something.
  • 21:48:11: Okay, looks like I'm keeping that scene. Glad to know others find it as amusing as I do. XD

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