Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Figure Collection!

I finally have the base for Simon's leg, so now I can show off my (small) anime figure collection.

From right to left...

-May Chang figure that I got at Otakon 2010.

-Alphonse Elric figure that I got so long ago that I can't even remember when or where I bought it (though I'm guessing probably Otakon 2004 or 2005?). Anyway, he was my first (and for the longest time, only) figure.

-Simon & Nia Figuremates that Kirsten got for me a couple of years ago. The Simon is the rare version; he's blushing, see? :D

-Princess Tutu figure that I got from a gashapon at the supermarket in Nakaizu, Japan in Summer 2008. Keep in mind I found that gashapon years after the anime had ended in Japan, and the only reason I can imagine that they still had those around was because Nakaizu is way in the country and possibly not quite up-to-date on the latest anime stuff. It was a pretty awesome find though, because I never imagined I'd run into Princess Tutu merchandise anywhere these days, let alone right where my grandmother lives.

-Messenger Nia figure that I bought from someone on LJ. I was debating whether to get this one or the Nia in Simon's coat, and eventually went with Messenger Nia if only for the fact that I wanted Simon too and thought it'd be weird to have two figures side-by-side wearing the same article of clothing. Yeah, that's a stupid reason. But this is the only Messenger Nia figure to exist and it looks cool so I'm happy with it.

-Speaking of which, hello, only adult Simon figure to exist! 8D I bought it on Ebay, and had some troubles in that the seller accidentally dropped the base under his desk when he was packaging it, and it took another week for him to send it to me. But everything turned out okay in the end, so yay! Simon can finally stand properly!

-King Kittan figure that I bought at the K-Books in Ikebukuro in March. King Kittan is one of my favorite Gunmen and I've been wanting a figure since I first watched episode 25 back in 2007. And now I finally have one. :D

-Metallic Lagann figure that I bought from annwyd at Otakon 2010. Because Lagann is another one of my favorite Gunmen, and King Kittan was looking pretty lonely as the only robot on my dresser aside from Alphonse. So now they can be Gunmen bros!

In the background: Pokeballs with 23 karat gold plated cards inside, from Burger King way back when the Pokemon craze was HUGE in America. Also, figures of some of my favorite Pokemon (there's also a Raichu there behind Al). Most notable is the large Mudkip that Kirsten & Keely got me some years ago. XD And I actually have a ton more old Pokemon toys stored away in my closet, but I'm not gonna display them all.

I also have a Scar figure that I got from a blind box at Otakon (where I was hoping for Ling or Winry), but I think I'm gonna try selling him. And if no one wants him, then I'll try making room for him somehow.

Anyway, like I'm done with posters, I think I'm pretty much done with anime figures now. I'm not all that into collecting them anyway, and I don't have much room to display them, so unless another one comes out that simply blows my mind with awesome...yeah, I'm satisfied. :)

Tags: fma, gurren lagann, pokemon, princess tutu

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