Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 08-04-2010

  • 03:51:30: Just found an old plot outline I'd written for Days of Thunder & am updating it now with all the new ideas I've had for it since then.
  • 03:53:04: Which basically means I am changing nearly every detail of the final chapters...and I'm still not sure how it ends exactly.
  • 03:56:15: Though it might be cool to leave it kinda open-ended so I could maybe continue it someday with the Spiral Warriors AU somehow....
  • 04:13:22: I wish there was a way to involve the Anti-Spirals in a plot without having Nia turn into the Messenger...
  • 04:14:38: ...if only for the fact that I don't want to retread that again. :| I think I've done enough with Messenger Nia in SoPHD already...
  • 17:12:39: RT @TheEllenShow: This just in: Equality won!
  • 19:07:23: Taking another 1950 words to Writer's Group! Finished just in time, phew.
  • 21:49:55: Hmm, hopefully I can finish Chapter 12 Part 1 by next week. Only a few more scenes to go, really. #sophd

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