Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 09:49:16: I just had the most brilliant idea: I'll save up all the Gym Leader rematches on my Soul Silver so I can play while in lines at Otakon!
  • 15:44:21: Oh, great. I bought the adult Simon figure on Ebay, but the seller didn't include the base for his leg. I CAN'T STAND HIM UP!
  • 15:45:31: I informed the seller of this, but in case he doesn't do anything about it, can anyone offer any solutions? D:
  • 15:54:53: Well, I managed to get him to stand up by putting a paperclip under his leg...
  • 15:58:28: But he topples over if there's any wobbling, so it's not a permanent solution. :(
  • 16:10:26: A little better, I used one of the stand thingies from my Hellsing bust. Still not as stable as a real base though.
  • 16:18:59: Poor Simon. :(
  • 16:34:53: Better news: MY SUNFLOWER IS FINALLY IN BLOOM! :D
  • 16:39:17: It's the only one that managed to survive up to this point too. Damn bugs, eating up all the leaves...
  • 16:43:47: I'm probably not going to be able to finish this bit of writing in time for Writer's Group. And I was doing so well for the past two weeks.

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