Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Again, started this on Twitter but it got too long

*sigh* After I finish Chapter 12, I think I'm gonna have to put SoPHD on hiatus for a while to fully plan out the last few chapters. I thought I had it all planned out, but then I started changing things, so now I need to figure out all the details to avoid plotholes. It sucks, because I don't want to change anything in the final showdown, but now I kinda have to. Or at least the events leading up to it.

I run into this problem a lot in my writing: I think I have things figured out in advance, but when I actually get to that point, I realize that my ideas are too vague or make no logical sense, so I have to rethink them a bit. I think that and establishing setting are my main weaknesses.

I just hope it won't be as long as the several-year hiatus The Miracle Potion has been in, ahaha. .__.;; Because I'd really like to finish this story soon; it's already taken far longer than I hoped. And I'm SO CLOSE. But even if it does take some time, the end of Chapter 12 is an ideal place to pause the story. A number of subplots will be wrapped up by then, and the stage is set for the final arc, so at least it won't keep readers hanging as much...

And in the meantime, maybe I could finish those two side stories. And work on Days of Thunder more. Though, the thing with Days of Thunder is that ideally, I'd like to have the first three chapters already finished before I post any of it. Because Chapter 4 is where the plot really begins. Chapters 1-3 introduce the characters in their new situations, explore relationship dynamics, and show the differences & similarities from canon. Not only that, but Chapters 1-2 only build up to the events of Chapter 3, so having a long wait in between those chapters means I could fail in hooking an audience. Also, I admit I'm afraid Kamina fans would have my head for Chapter 2 if I don't quickly redeem him with Chapter 3. I'm already nervous enough writing him...

So yeah, I'd still like to post part of Chapter 1 as a preview, but after that I'm gonna try for getting all three chapters posted close together. Which just means it's going to take more time. X__X;
Tags: fanfiction, writing

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