Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 10:27:51: Wh...whaaa.......SHIT IS GONNA HIT THE FAN. O__O
  • 12:44:32: *watching Darker than BLACK Gaiden 4* Hooooly shit the animation in this fight scene... O_O
  • 13:07:36: Chinese dude is taking care of the baby...! ;__; D'AWWWW!
  • 13:08:07: Ohhh god Hei's already started drinking... D:
  • 13:15:43: Man, no wonder he was such a mess in season 2. T_T
  • 19:14:13: So I've started watching the show "Deadliest Warrior." It's interesting, even as it makes me cringe every other minute...
  • 20:01:53: Hell yeah Vlad the Impaler VS Sun Tzu!
  • 20:12:46: If you were at my house right now you would hear me repeatedly saying "ugghhhh oh god" or "HOLY SHIT."
  • 21:01:24: Sun Tzu got impaled. DDD:
  • 23:06:21: Okay, Comanche VS Mongol is pretty awesome too.
  • 23:11:24: I find it a little worrying that so many of these weapon experts look hot to me. :(
  • 23:18:01: Seriously though, the kung fu champions and champion sharpshooters get points for style, no matter whether they win or lose.
  • 23:21:58: Though I admit I was quite happy that Jessie James won over Al Capone. Yes, I was biased.
  • 23:50:45: The Mongolian mace is /terrifying/ oh my god. D:

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