Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 07-21-2010

  • 00:43:40: *watching White Collar* I'm so glad they brought back Diana and are developing her more now. :D
  • 11:37:03: RT @racebending: Avatar: The Legend of Korra set for 2011! Korra is a young teenage girl, "ready to take on the world." - ...
  • 11:52:48: More info on Korra:
  • 11:53:25: I AM EXCITED.
  • 12:30:55: I fail at math.
  • 14:24:24: OMG I DON'T WANT TO READ THIS OUT LOUD TONIGHT. I'm such a wimp, I know. :(
  • 14:27:39: But seriously I'm reading it out loud just to myself right now and I still feel embarrassed. I think I'll just skip over this section...
  • 14:31:03: And it's not like it's explicit, but I'm a wimp and the meeting is in a crowded cafe setting so I'll have to raise my voice and uhhh yeah.
  • 14:42:01: I feel more comfortable writing plot, action, and character development than romance ahaha. At least when I have to show it to people...
  • 16:33:14: I hope we get more Legend of Korra news from Comic Con. :O
  • 17:29:48: I just tripped over the front step of the house and got a minor scrape on my knee. :| *fail*
  • 21:44:34: Oh god my face was burning so much tonight. And I didn't even read all of it, I skipped parts. But still. .__.
  • 21:47:12: Everyone was really understanding though, ahaha. ^^;
  • 23:12:11: Why'd they have to announce it so late, I can't get a hotel now. ;_____;
  • 23:20:13: Maybe I can drive up there for just Saturday? Pre-registration is over, and at-door registration costs $75....uggghhhhh.
  • 23:21:15: I'll need to find a way to make extra money. >.< Time to sell some doujinshi!!!
  • 23:22:22: I wish I had a job so much. D:
  • 23:35:35: Dude, that's next Saturday. I have 10 days to make $75. Ahahaha.....
  • 23:59:50: Annnnd it doesn't look like there's anything else I want to check out there. So I'll be going just for the movie & free give-away items.

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