Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: True Blood Season 3 Episode 5

Welp, now it's gonna be tough for Bill to win back Tara's trust. Way to go.

"She's such a fucking disaster-- we could be twins!" lol Franklin you freak

"Watch how fast I type 'motherfucker'" ...but he can be pretty entertaining XD

Aww Terry

FFFFF AWWW Jesus courting Lafayette XD this is adorable but somehow I can't help but suspect there's some ulterior motive here...

Jeez, Jason. I'm impressed he can fail at procrastinating in the office too.

Ahaha Jessica

What is your problem, Franklin?! Oh god...he's actually crying! XD

I'm really torn between rooting for Tara and laughing my ass off at Franklin now do Lorena and Eric know each other again? They didn't meet in the show before, did they? Or did I just forget?

"I can't eat daylilies" I'm sorry Tara, but that made me lol

Holy shit he's going to turn her O_O

Ahaha Japanese vampire erotica

Yay more Eric flashbacks!

Wow, so the vampire king killed Eric's family?

:O Bill!

Holy shit what did she just do :O

Mmm yeah I have no idea where things are going this season but I'm still entertained~
Tags: tv, vampires lol

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