Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 07-16-2010

  • 02:20:53: Three minutes into Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode 16, Misaki's sister just killed me with cute. XD
  • 02:37:14: There's this beetle flying around the living room, except I don't think it really knows how to fly, because it keeps slamming into things.
  • 02:37:48: It just slammed into my head a while ago and fell onto the couch, and then it slammed into the ceiling and fell to the floor.
  • 02:39:19: I just hope it doesn't fly into the lamp; I hate that roasted bug smell. D:
  • 02:47:19: Back to watching Maid-sama! LOL at Usui being disappointed by Misaki's swimsuit. Also, animation quality for this episode seems lacking.
  • 03:01:09: HOLY SHIT USUI. Did he really just do that?!?!? XDD
  • 03:05:25: ...Okay the ghost story being told here is REALLY GIVING ME THE CREEPS. I mean really. That is FREAKY. O_O
  • 03:12:56: AWWW that was so sweet. And wait...a new ending theme?! O_O ...SO MANY ROSES LAWL.

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