Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 07-13-2010

  • 00:32:44: As expected, lackluster end was lackluster, but it did make me LOL in its sheer sloppiness and lack of budget. XD
  • 00:33:58: And yeah, they probably weren't taking it very seriously because they know it's not truly over. It's over "for now," but it'll be back.
  • 00:35:26: I was also amused that all the commercials were for Pansuto, FLCL, and Hanamaru Kindergarten instead of anything Gurren Lagann related. ^^;
  • 00:44:29: Anyway, rather than moping, the thing to do is to keep moving on to the future while remembering the past, as per the theme.
  • 02:30:50: Oh wow, I actually hadn't posted in the GL comm for over a month. x_x; But the fandom has done a good job keeping it alive on its own~~
  • 02:41:15: It might actually be a good thing that I'm taking so long on the drama CD translation...this way I'll still have stuff to work on later.
  • 02:42:16: Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. >_>; God knows I have more than enough fic ideas to work on...
  • 20:48:39: So mom is trying out this salsa dancing exercise video and I'm just sitting here watching her while eating chocolate cheesecake ahaha.
  • 20:50:38: But it's okay, I'll exercise with wrist weights while watching Warehouse 13 in like 10 minutes. :P

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