Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 07-01-2010

  • 01:49:07: The idea of a Gimmy/Darry incest baby squicks me so much. Though the person commenting probably doesn't realize they're twins.
  • 01:54:49: I actually don't mind if people ship Gimmy/Darry knowing it's incest, though it personally squicks me. But a lot of people don't know.
  • 01:59:20: But, then again, those tiny isolated villages...probably a lot of incest going on anyway. Especially in Adai; a population of only 50?
  • 02:02:02: Simon may say he and Kamina aren't directly related, but they're probably at least distantly related.
  • 03:56:52: It's been a while since I've watched the first season of Avatar, but I just rewatched the finale episodes, and I'm impressed all over again.
  • 03:59:18: Particularly what they did with all the colors when the moon spirit was captured/killed. Just awesome. :O
  • 04:01:32: I think I'll go ahead and rewatch "The Blue Spirit" too while I'm at it.
  • 04:25:20: God, this show is awesome. :D
  • 04:36:51: Is LJ really slow right now? I'm not getting email notifications and it took a couple hours for one of my PMs to get sent...
  • 17:15:02: This review makes me LOL:
  • 17:45:31: LMAO at all the Fandomsecrets today making shit up about what happens in The Last Airbender. Seriously, LMAO. XD
  • 23:25:53: Currently being scared out of my wits by Signs on TV. Even though I already know how it ends. Dammit Shyamalan, you used to be so good.

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