Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 06-27-2010

  • 00:02:42: Hohenheim's voice is.....not what I expected.
  • 00:03:34: Jeez I forgot how Gendo-like they made him in this episode. :/
  • 00:18:35: Pinako's sudden "GAAAAHHHH" just scared the crap out of me.
  • 00:22:33: Gah, why are they calling it "the portal" now? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO JUST CALL IT THE DOOR/DOORWAY?
  • 02:25:50: Randomly, I've started watching Cross Game.
  • 03:20:23: ...Why is this show so addicting. I don't understand.
  • 05:06:55: I finally have a "stupid sexy Kittan" icon!
  • 11:17:15: Oh damn. I didn't actually cry while watching episode 63 last night, but I sure cried while watching it with mom just now. ;__;
  • 16:47:52: Listening to the GL radio show.....Kakihara has a hangover lol.
  • 16:55:40: LOL and now he's saying he wanted to appear in a Pokemon movie.
  • 17:19:02: Bawww, next week is the last episode. For both FMA and GL radio. ;__;

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