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Re: FMA Episode 63's ending... ;___;

arijanian: Sooo....FMA.
ShukumeiGattai: second to last episode soon ;__;
arijanian: So it is the second to last!
arijanian: People kept telling me it was the finale.
ShukumeiGattai: nope, that's on July 4
arijanian: Dang.
arijanian: Independence Day. XD
arijanian: I'll be in --ooh, I'll be in Sapporo with Claire!
ShukumeiGattai: I'm guessing tonight's episode will end around when Ed gets Al out of the Doors and the last episode will be the epilogue bit?
arijanian: Maybe we can swing back to our hotel room to catch it!
ShukumeiGattai: I'll be in Santa Fe, New Mexico XD;
arijanian: Oho.
arijanian: D'you think they'll expand it a lot?
arijanian: I can't help wondering if we'll get names for the kids.
ShukumeiGattai: hmm, maybe something along the lines of the scenes from the photos being animated?
arijanian: Hm.
ShukumeiGattai: starting!
arijanian: A'ight!
ShukumeiGattai: oh, no OP?
arijanian: Switching her on!
ShukumeiGattai: agh, lag D:
arijanian: PUNCHINGS!
ShukumeiGattai: I CAN'T SEE DDD:
arijanian: ....aww, his scar looks so painful.
arijanian: ....ewwwwww.
ShukumeiGattai: GREEEED D:
arijanian: Dang.
arijanian: I like the animation angles they're using.
ShukumeiGattai: ;___;
arijanian: Aww, his face!
arijanian: Don't go, Greed!
arijanian: I love you, man!
ShukumeiGattai: ;___;
ShukumeiGattai: that's a bit different
arijanian: ...okay, tiki-mask Greed is kinda silly.
arijanian: >.>;
ShukumeiGattai: yeah I think they're expanding this bit
arijanian: Everyone is just...staring sadly at the floating, introspecting tiki mask.
arijanian: PUNCH'D!
ShukumeiGattai: WHOA
arijanian: Okay, that was cool.
arijanian: .....ew, and awesome.
arijanian: ----Bob!Truth!
arijanian: ♥
ShukumeiGattai: hahaha XD
arijanian: It's like a Pacman showdown. ♥
ShukumeiGattai: pfffft XD
arijanian: Ultimate game of Othello!
ShukumeiGattai: I shouldn't be giggling so much in this scene XD
arijanian: Same here.
arijanian: It's just...
arijanian: The tiny hands!
arijanian: The angryfacing makkurokurosuke vs. the cake of Dial soap with a mouth!
ShukumeiGattai: okay that's terrifying
ShukumeiGattai: is it just me or are they making Homunculus a bit more sympathetic?
arijanian: All right, its final wail was creepy.
arijanian: But yeah.
arijanian: "What else should I have done??"
ShukumeiGattai: Mei ;____;
arijanian: Oh, Mei.
arijanian: ....loud sound effect for a short punch, there.
arijanian: Oh, the silence of everyone. >.<
ShukumeiGattai: the metal sticking out of his skin D:
arijanian: Izumi looks so exhausted.
ShukumeiGattai: Ed ;___;
arijanian: Oh, Ed.
ShukumeiGattai: AHHH THE TEARS
arijanian: DDDDD:
ShukumeiGattai: oh, Hohenheim's line is different
arijanian: Hunh.
arijanian: That's interesting.
arijanian: Determined face.
ShukumeiGattai: watching this is interesting considering they based it on Arakawa's storyboards rather than the finished manga...
arijanian: Yeah...
arijanian: He looks so...confident.
ShukumeiGattai: makes me wonder how much the differences are by the anime staff or whether Arakawa changes things in her final draft?
arijanian: Go, Ed, go.
ShukumeiGattai: eyecatch ;___;
arijanian: Ooh, I like that eyecatch.
arijanian: I love his expression.
arijanian: Bright, positive, confident, a little rueful but not lost.
ShukumeiGattai: huh. maybe this episode will go past Al coming back from the Doors. we're right before that scene and it's only half the episode so far
arijanian: Man.
arijanian: If so, it's going to be a heck of a long epilogue.
arijanian: I wonder if they'll end up heavily expanding on it?
ShukumeiGattai: maybe :O
arijanian: Maybe we will get names for the kids. XD;
arijanian: If so, I hope the josser names are at least better than
ShukumeiGattai: bawww Hoho and Trisha
arijanian: oooh
arijanian: --ooh.
ShukumeiGattai: oh that's a bit different
arijanian: .....ahahaha
arijanian: He made the Truth's jaw drop!
ShukumeiGattai: Truth's mouth dropped open!
arijanian: D8!
ShukumeiGattai: is it just me or did they add some lines there? o.o
arijanian: ....!!
arijanian: I love the pause before the final "Ed!" from Winry
arijanian: ooh.
arijanian: I love the disintegration effect.
ShukumeiGattai: ;____;
ShukumeiGattai: oh god
ShukumeiGattai: HUMAN AL
arijanian: ....Mei g
arijanian: THERE's the Mei Glomp.
ShukumeiGattai: "Arigatou, Mei"
ShukumeiGattai: Mrs. Bradley ;___;
ShukumeiGattai: ahhh I love this music
arijanian: Hunh.
arijanian: Hohenheim went back to the blast mark to pay respects.
ShukumeiGattai: :O
arijanian: ARMSTRONG
ShukumeiGattai: this is completely original
arijanian: Wow.
ShukumeiGattai: ^^;
arijanian: Aww...he was crying...
arijanian: Ahahha.
arijanian: Kuso ga tsuiteitandakedo na...
ShukumeiGattai: oh god are we going to watch him die ;____;
ShukumeiGattai: nooooooooooo
arijanian: aaah
ShukumeiGattai: ;________;
arijanian: ...
arijanian: He really does look so happy, though...
arijanian: Man, they broke it up at just about the exact point where I did, too.
ShukumeiGattai: OP as ED? interesting...
ShukumeiGattai: HOHENHEIM END
arijanian: (I closed the book and walked home from the park just before the bit with Hohenheim.)
ShukumeiGattai: wow this is seriously a Hohenheim montage ED ;___;
arijanian: (And read the rest at my house.)
arijanian: yeah...
ShukumeiGattai: but in a strange way...Homunculus and Hohenheim seemed to stick out more in this episode than Al
arijanian: (Ahaha, Heroman.)
arijanian: I agree, but I'm not sure what to think about it.
arijanian: On the one hand, it's interesting.
arijanian: On the other hand, Al.
ShukumeiGattai: where in the manga I kept going "omg human Al, omg human Al, OMG HUMAN AL" for pages on end
arijanian: In any case, hopefully the brothers will get a fine last moment to shine next week.
arijanian: Preview!
ShukumeiGattai: PREVOEW
ShukumeiGattai: AHHH
arijanian: Aww, Ed with his hair down on the train.
arijanian: That's new.
ShukumeiGattai: that last shot of Ed reminded me of the final scene of the first anime's finale episode
ShukumeiGattai: where he's sitting in the train looking out the window
arijanian: Sort of, yeah
arijanian: Except he's actually happy this time.
arijanian: ♥♥♥
ShukumeiGattai: XD yes
ShukumeiGattai: it's weird that they used "Rain" for the Hohenheim montage..."Ray of Light" would have been /much/ more appropriate o.o;
arijanian: Hunh.
ShukumeiGattai: baw, just realized this is the last FMA episode I'll have watched live ;___;
ShukumeiGattai: and listening to Ed's character song "Determination" feels extremely appropriate right now...
ShukumeiGattai: also Brotherhood!Winry's character song is so good

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