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From Twitter 06-26-2010

  • 01:53:21: Is it strange that I'm interested in watching that "Predators" movie, even though I've never watched any of the previous Predator movies...
  • 01:54:02: ...and all because it has a yakuza guy and Laurence Fishburne in it?
  • 02:00:05: Well, okay, I find the premise interesting too. A bunch of human killers gathered together to be hunted by aliens on a game preserve.
  • 02:18:53: The cast is pretty diverse though...yeah, I think I'll see it. Eventually. Here's the trailer:
  • 02:23:45: Dude, now I know why I never saw the original Predator movie. It came out in the year I was born.
  • 02:24:41: I generally don't watch older horror movies unless my dad forces them on me. Wish I could erase my memories of the Pet Cemetary series...
  • 02:27:52: That's also why I never watched the Aliens or Terminator series either. Both their first movies came out before I was born.
  • 02:50:37: ...I've suddenly realized that the only movies I've seen with Arnold Schwarzenegger are Jingle All the Way and Batman & Robin. WTF, SELF.
  • 02:53:03: Oh wait I think I might have seen Twins once too...and maybe Junior.......which is even worse.
  • 03:12:54: Somehow Kittan & Yoko's dialogue together come to me a lot easier in Japanese...I end up having to translate them into English when I write.
  • 03:14:32: Also, while I'm making good progress on SoPHD Chap. 12, I think I should take more time to think over Yoko's feelings...

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