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Once more, doujinshi reviews

Uhhh yeah, I got more. In my defense, most of these came in a set (11 doujinshi for 600 yen? pretty sweet deal!) that included a few of the ones I'd been looking for. I probably won't be getting any more until after Comiket though. ^^;

Again, I'll only be reviewing a few of them.

Added to my collection:

Hoshi to mimizuku by Imokan
quotidien by Dr. Fuyutsuki
Starchild by Hyaena
"Neechan" to Aniki to Yome ni tsuite by Hyaena
Kyoutendouchi by Transient Wind
Danjo Gyakuten Gurren Lagann by Resick

Yellow by Narukami
Doremifa Drill by Sorashido Anikidan
Lovely Sugar Beans by AIr
Bitter Sweet by KinGin
flutters by KinGin

Hoshi to mimizuku
The description on Imokan's site said that it's a shounen-ish story about post-ending Simon, which sounded like it suited my interests perfectly. I bought it hoping just to see Simon kicking ass with his drill staff somewhere, and that's exactly what I got! Yay! I am easily pleased. XD

Also, this page made me laugh:

This wasn't doujin-like enough, so here's a doujin template!!
"Aniki!! When I woke up this morning, I had cat ears!!"

Garlock doujinshi! This time it's mostly Kamina+Simon, though there's a bit of Simon/Nia at the end. This was quite funny and adorable. Seeing Kamina running around the ship like a hyperactive child and bothering Simon was priceless. XD My favorite part is when Simon starts beating his head against a wall until it bleeds, ahaha. Both Kamina and Simon are very well-drawn and well-characterized and their interaction is great. There's even a space battle! Everything I could ask for basically. ♥

"Neechan" to Aniki to Yome ni tsuite
A "What if Leite was Kamina's older sister?" AU. It's an interesting idea how they came up with that, but it was fun to see. Well, except for the Simon/Kamina thing, which is...ehhh. Kamina was pretty IC, but Simon gradually got more OOC as it went along (though it was for humor). Actually, I'd say it was more one-sided Simon -> Kamina than anything. Overall, it was amusing, but not something I'd read again.

Danjo Gyakuten Gurren Lagann
Another doujinshi based on the drama CD ahhh! (I think I have like five or six now, not including the ones I've sold.) Nia decides to hold a school festival with a crossdressing theme. Which as it turns out was just an excuse for her to play dress-up with Simon lol. The whole story was very silly and fun, which suits the drama CD canon perfectly. The Kamina/Yoko moment at the end was also really cute. ♥

Kittan-centric doujinshi! \o/ And to my pleasant surprise, KinGin and Tobineko were featured as guests too! Tobineko's comic was as beautiful as always. It's basically Yoko meeting Kamina & Kittan in the afterlife. Kittan hangs back as Yoko and Kamina reunite, and starts to walk away, but they both grab him saying "Where do you think you're going? ♥" D-dammit, I am this close to shipping them as an OT3.

Doremifa Drill
I really wasn't expecting anything from this one, but to my pleasant surprise, Kizashin (AND OVER) was a part of this circle! I find doujinshi from early in the show's airing to be interesting. This one was released in early July 2007, which would be before the timeskip started. What I found especially interesting is that Kizashin's material has some Kamina/Simon vibes, and in her comment, she writes that she wants to make a Kamina/Simon book someday. Of course, instead she ended up releasing a couple Simon/Nia doujinshi and is known in the fandom mostly for her Simon/Nia fanart now. So I can only assume that she converted into a diehard Simon/Nia fan sometime in the next few months. I'm not sure whether I want to keep this or sell it; content-wise it's a little too Kamina/Simon for my tastes, but as a collector, nnnghh....I'll keep thinking about it. >.>

Kittan/Yoko/Kamina and Simon/Nia. What can I say other than that this is another great one by KinGin that I thoroughly enjoyed? The Simon/Nia was pitch-perfect, though my favorite part is where they're just looking at each other from across the room, and they aren't saying anything, but it still speaks volumes. I also teared up at the end, which is another 'Yoko meets everyone in the afterlife' thing. The way Yoko reunites with Kittan, and then Kamina (who is still waiting for Simon to join them too aww)...they're not weepy or regretful of anything, but still full of affection for each other, and it just fit them all so well. ;__; Okay, fine, they're my OT3 now. Anyway, very worth it.

My Wishlist:

pglp by Sumiyaki Grill
Taiyou to tsuki no hi by Gura
OP. 10-3 by OVERCAT
SNNH by Pacco
tie by Akutsu
Innocent World by Shoujou
it's only ♥ by Narukami
Kaettekita Rakugaki Core Drill 3.5, or any of the previous staff doujinshi from the Rakugaki Drill series (that I can find at a reasonable price).

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