Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 06-24-2010

  • 02:02:00: Using these wrist weights is making me really tired every night. D:
  • 05:00:42: Whoah, Heroman has a new OP!
  • 05:02:04: I hope the show becomes as awesome as that OP looks, goddamn.
  • 05:05:52: Why can't the government guys and Heroman just work together? D:
  • 05:08:33: Holly looks oddly adorable when she's sleepy.
  • 05:12:33: It bugs me that they still have no idea what Heroman actually /is/. I mean, how its powers came to be. Will that ever be explained?
  • 05:27:50: Ooh, using real photos from America for the ED...nice!
  • 16:19:42: Bawww, Durarara!! is over. :(
  • 16:20:04: Simon is friggin awesome for what he did in this episode though ahahaha.
  • 18:41:14: Kakihara Tetsuya appeared as a juvenile delinquent in this week's episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! XD

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