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First off, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! :D I'm so bad at replying to comments, I know. On top of that I'm lazy because I actually meant to post this yesterday. ^^; So I dunno if anyone cares to read it now, but here's what I did on my birthday/over the weekend.

I don't like making such a big deal of my birthdays anymore, so we didn't do much this year, but the simple things still really added up. Mom came home from work early, and we just lazed around the house for the first half of the day. Then we went out to go grocery shopping, and suddenly it was like all of the local wildlife came out to greet us ahaha.

First, we discovered a woodpecker in the tree right outside our house.¤t=DSCN1325.mp4

Then mom wanted to stop by the local marina first to check out kayaking stuff, and on the way we saw a doe and her fawn crossing the road. We stopped the car and I grabbed my camera, following them onto the nearby golf course. This is the best picture I could get of them though. ^^;

At the marina, there were of course a lot of geese and fish. But I also saw some ducks and a large turtle.

At first the turtle was by the rocks, and it kept diving back underwater before I could get a picture of it. And then finally I found it floating near the surface again.

It just continued floating there like that for a few minutes. XD

And I'm not entirely sure if this is a robin, but if it is, it's a really fat and fluffy one. I thought it was dead when I first saw it because it was sprawled on the ground with its wings spread, but as I came closer, it sprang up on its feet again. Maybe it was sunbathing?

Anyway, after that we spent an hour or so grocery shopping (we went to two stores), then came home and made hiyashi ramen and ate it on the deck listening to the birds chirping in the trees and watching fireflies. :) Then we watched a few episodes of Mushishi together while eating the cake we bought. The cake was disappointing (like most American cakes, it was way too sweet), but that was the only downside to a really nice, relaxing day. Even the shopping part was okay because mom and I had fun hanging out and the weather was beautiful.

So that was Friday. On Saturday, I went out with my dad's side of the family. It's become sort of a tradition for us to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day at the same time, and Saturday was right in between. My little sister and I went to see Toy Story 3 together, then all of us (me, my sister, my dad, and my stepmom) had dinner at Macaroni Grill. I actually hadn't seen my sister or stepmom since Christmas, so it was nice seeing them again.

I had trouble deciding what to get my dad for Father's Day, since he buys all his music on iTunes now and watches all his movies on HBO. And I'd exhausted my other gift options on Christmas and last year's Father's Day (I don't like repeating gifts too often). So I bought him some coffee. Fortunately, he seemed to like it. :D

As for what I got on my birthday...

From mom:
Wristwatch (the only thing I asked for)
Wrist weights lol


From dad:

Annnd my Japanese grandma sent me some money too. I think this proves that I've finally reached the age where people think "gosh, I have no idea what she wants anymore." Not that I mind. XD;

On Sunday, mom and I spent the day driving around and shopping at the mall. Nothing terribly interesting. But I did buy Laputa: Castle in the Sky on DVD using some of my birthday money! Because up to now I've only had that movie on VHS, recorded from a TV broadcast in Japan in the early 90's. ^^; And since it's always been one of my favorite movies ever, I decided it was by time I owned it in better quality.

About the DVD: This is the Disney rerelease version that doesn't have the newly recorded soundtrack. Which is good, because I hated that new version (if a scene is supposed to be silent, then it should be goddamn silent), and I only want the original. Also, to my extreme disappointment, the English subtitles were actually dubtitles. That annoyed me so much that I turned the subtitles off after a while, because they only matched the Japanese dialogue half the time. >/ This is the exact same problem that kept me from buying The Cat Returns on DVD, even though I loved that movie too. I mean for crying out loud, I'm watching it in Japanese because I don't want to watch the dub!

On a positive note though, the movie looked beautiful on DVD (even though the lack of commercials cutting in kept throwing me off ahaha). And the interviews with Hayao Miyazaki on the bonus disk were very interesting! Also, rewatching it made me realize just how much this movie has influenced my own story ideas, and how so many of its elements continue to be things that I enjoy and am fascinated by in fiction (the sense of adventure, remnants of an ancient lost civilization, the boy-meets-girl relationship). In fact, it's almost embarrassing; now I understand why I become so attached to shows like Gurren Lagann and Fantastic Children. XD;

Anyway, subtitle problem aside, I'm glad I was able to enjoy this movie as much as (and in some ways even more than) when I was a child. :) And this song is still so beautiful, it puts tears in my eyes.

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