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Doujinshi reviews again

Got a couple interesting ones this time!

Added to my collection:

Flashback by bit
Hitori to Ippiki by OVERCAT
Kimi no Himitsu by Mizutama
Moshimo no Sekai by Gura

A doujinshi about young Lord Genome! Yes! \o/ It's interesting how he's characterized here-- highly intellectual and also highly antisocial (except around Guame). An arrogant super genius who "hates idiots." That is, until he meets a girl named Nia. They've both been orphaned after the Anti-Spirals' attack, so Nia takes Lord Genome in to live with her, and eventually they fall in love.

Flash forward to years later, Anti-Spiral lectures Lord Genome on Spiral Power, causing him to fear love. "I love you, but right now you scare me." It's not clear whether he kills Nia (and his own child) at that point, but he forces all of humanity underground after that so, you know, they're probably good as dead anyway. (But supposing that his child did survive, could he be Simon's distant ancestor? Would that explain Simon's ridiculous Spiral Power? But then that would mean Simon and Nia are....ow ow my brain, okay I'm gonna stop.)

Anyway, this was a pretty good character study, and there aren't that many doujinshi about Lord Genome out there, so I'm glad to have it.

Hitori to Ippiki
This is only the second copybon I've ever owned, and wow, it really is made cheaply. I could totally make something like this on my own printer. It's very short too, so there's not much I can say about it, except that I found the Simon/Nia parts amusing and there's two pages of cute Kamina/Yoko. Overall, I'm not sure it's worth the amount I paid for it content-wise, but copybon are rare, not to mention this is one of OVERCAT's earlier works, and it's another one based on the drama CD. So I guess it was worth it.

Kimi no Himitsu
So. Damn. Cute. And not just because of the art style. The story revolves around Simon finding himself unable to stop thinking about wanting to kiss Nia, and worrying that this will creep her out and affect their friendship. His over-the-top mental reactions are pretty amusing, but most importantly, there's payoff!! HNNNNNNNG MY HEART.


Moshimo no Sekai
It's kinda hard to classify this doujinshi. It has some Simon+Yoko, Kamina/Yoko, Simon+Viral, Simon+Kamina, Simon+Rossiu, and a good deal of Simon/Nia (she kisses him on two separate occasions :D). It starts with the question, "If you could do things over again, would you change anything?" and from there it skips all over the timeline in an almost stream-of-consciousness style, with the final message being "Destiny is something you choose."

I think that I would have enjoyed this a lot more had I read it in my earlier days of doujinshi collecting. I mean, it's good, but I've read enough of Gura's doujinshi (and Gurren Lagann doujin in general) by now that nothing in this surprises me anymore, and as a result I found it kinda forgettable. The art is still really pretty though.

I actually didn't know this existed until I saw it in auction, because it wasn't mentioned anywhere on Gura's website. This was basically a giant head trip from beginning to end. The Heart Asks Pleasure First was trippy too, but this one really takes the cake. Inspired by the song "Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana," it's about Garlock Simon at the moment of Spiral Nemesis, having turned into a black hole, enduring endless hallucinations as he waits for the one important person whom he instinctively knows he never got to meet (Nia). In short, it's the end of the world as he knows it and he feels terrible.

Nia herself doesn't show up until the very end, because Simon has no real idea who she is or what she looks like. For a while he sees her only as a plant that grows each time he speaks to it, and he becomes completely fixated on it as he waits for it to bloom in the never ending darkness. "Do you have any idea how long I've much I've loved you..."

If it wasn't already obvious that Gura thinks Simon & Nia are literal soulmates, then it certainly is now. ^^; ("But we've only just met. I haven't even asked your name." / "I'll tell you the next time we meet. Because we will meet again. And again. And again.") The whole thing was quite unsettling, but also kinda sweet. I'm glad to have it if only because it's unusual and is (as far as I know) Gura's most recent Gurren Lagann doujinshi. Also it seems to be connected to Disadvantage Game, and this is the first time any of Gura's Garlock doujinshi have been connected. :O

My updated Wishlist:

pglp by Sumiyaki Grill
Taiyou to tsuki no hi by Gura
OP. 10-3 by OVERCAT
SNNH by Pacco
tie by Akutsu
Innocent World by Shoujou
it's only ♥ by Narukami
Kaettekita Rakugaki Core Drill 3.5, or any of the previous staff doujinshi from the Rakugaki Drill series (that I can find at a reasonable price).

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