Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Not exactly a dream post, but...

When I have fandom-related dreams, sometimes my first thoughts when I wake up can be pretty embarrassing.

For example, like a week ago, and I have no idea why, but I was dreaming about what if Professor Agasa from Detective Conan took the same device that makes the strength-intensifying shoes and put them in gloves? And I woke up thinking, "You could punch through walls with that shit." Then like a minute later I realized you would probably still break your hand.

And today, just before waking up, I was writing a follow-up Al/Mei ship manifesto in my sleep. So I woke up thinking, "HER LOVE FOR HIM IS PURE." >__>;;

Btw, I've decided I won't be writing that ship manifesto until after the anime is over and all the tankoubon come out. I want to include all the material there is, and I've already waited this long to do it, so why not a little bit longer, right?
Tags: dreams, fma, shipping

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