Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 06-09-2010

  • 00:56:20: I'm so booooored...I should really be writing fanfic now. *tries to get in the mood*
  • 00:58:12: Or maybe I'll write doujinshi reviews, that doesn't take much creativity. Though I dunno if anyone actually cares to read those.
  • 02:22:19: While writing doujinshi reviews, I just came up with a theory that Lord Genome is one of Simon's ancestors. Owwwww my brain. DX
  • 16:51:11: Ahaha I bet most of fandom still hasn't come back since the scanlation isn't out yet. Hope they'll still see my post when they do though~
  • 16:51:52: The post in question: DON'T CLICK IF YOU HAVEN'T READ CHAPTER 108 YET.
  • 17:42:56: Wow I've been so caught up in reading the chapter that the only thing I've eaten today is a roll of bread...
  • 18:31:36: Man, I really need to update the Al/Mei ship manifesto now...
  • 18:35:43: I'm starting to make a list of questions/details that weren't fully resolved in the chapter as they come to me...
  • 18:37:16: I'm trying to be careful, but if anything I say here sounds spoilery, feel free to yell at me about it.

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