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Summer TV shows!

So, that new show, Persons Unknown. I watched the first episode, and basically, it's exactly like all those multifandom LJ RPGs in which random people from random places are snatched up by some mysterious entity and dumped in an empty unknown place, with all their needs cared for but unable to leave, and for apparently no reason except to toy with their minds. If you've ever played in one of those RPs, anything that happens in this first episode doesn't come as a surprise, but it was still interesting to watch just for that reason. I don't know if I'll continue watching it though.

But anyway, just as Fullmetal Alchemist is ending, all my favorite summer shows from last year are coming back! (Except Monk, sob.) Not that they even come close as a replacement but, you know, it helps fill the loss. :(

True Blood
Premiering June 13. I don't have HBO so I'll watch it online like last year lol. Looks like we'll finally see some WEREWOLVES? I'm pretty "meh" about the Eric/Sookie thing and will probably tune most of that out, but the reason I like this show is for the lulz and fun side characters anyway. I'm especially looking forward to seeing what will become of Jessica, Tara, Jason, Sam, and Lafayette after everything they went through last season. So yeah, I'm pretty excited!

Lie to Me
Premiered just yesterday! I don't have much to say about this show except that it entertains me each week and that's all I ask from it. Though jeez, Lightman got friggin waterboarded by a sociopath serial killer in the premiere; I don't care for any romance in this show, but after all that, Foster could have at least accepted his invitation to dinner. :(

Warehouse 13
Premieres July 13 on Syfy. I thought the first season was fun; it reminded me of X-Files at first but it came into its own pretty well. Don't really care much for the two main characters, but they're not what I watch the show for. I watch it for the artifacts. I like learning the history behind them, seeing what it takes to capture them and keep them safe in the warehouse, etc. The inner workings of the warehouse is fascinating too. It looks like such a fun and dangerous place to work. Last season's finale was shocking to say the least, so again I look forward to seeing how the characters and the warehouse will recover from all that.

White Collar
Premiering July 13. Again, it entertained me, and that's good enough. Don't care much for the main plot though; I can barely recall what happened in the season finale. I'll watch it if I have nothing else to do.

Royal Pains
Already premiered, but haven't watched it yet. This show gets a big *SHRUG* from me. I liked the few episodes I saw last year, but it's not a priority. Again, I'll watch it if I have nothing else to do.
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