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Re: FMA Ep. 10 dub

Oh man that was AWESOME!!! XDDDD I laughed so much.

Psiren's voice = A++++ Very sexy, very manipulative. <3

Vic as Ed = PERFECT. XD He has definetly gotten into the role by now.

And I retain the opinion that yes, Ed does have the hots for Clara, and yes, Psiren/Ed is very cute. XD

Also that this episode has SO many plotholes...some of which include the Japanese writing, the Japanese food, the Japanese architecture, Psiren somehow getting into the mansion using SUPAH SLOTH POWAS, and if Christianity is a dead religion in this world, why is there a convent?!
But then again it is a filler. And a parody of all those detective/thief anime (I'm sure Lupin the 3rd fans on the Adult Swim board would appreciate it). And also very hilarious.

Ed blushing = CUUUUUUTE.

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