Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

I really need to post here more often. :/

Not that anyone cares, but I am one step closer to having a Simon/Nia icon for every occasion ahahaha. >__>; I mean I have the space, so why not, right?

TV series version

Drama CD version

Gurren-hen version

Lagann-hen version

Parallel Works version

Now what's really ridiculous is the amount of Simon icons I have. I don't even use some of them very much. -__-

Actually, I just counted, and as of now, the characters who appear in my icons the most (more than two times) are:

Simon - 17
Ed- 11
Nia - 11
Kino - 10
Al - 9
Winry - 7
Ling - 6
Haibara - 5
Mei - 4
Toph - 3
Viral - 3

Tags: icons

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