Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 05-26-2010

  • 00:43:41: I hope PW2 is online before I get my DVD. Because I don't think it'll get here until next week. :| *still not shipped*
  • 01:13:37: Random thought: Yucie looks like a female Rossiu.
  • 04:14:38: Oh god, just checked Tokyo Tosho...the first RAW torrent of the Parallel Works 1 DVD didn't come out until a month after it was released.
  • 04:17:42: Of course, people had already seen all of it streamed before that DVD went on sale, so the situation is a /bit/ different...
  • 04:22:23: MY DVD SHIPPED! :D
  • 12:42:01: Welp, just spoiled myself to hell for SOW. x__x; At least it all makes some sense now...
  • 13:27:50: I actually dreamed about watching The sense of Wonder last night ahaha. >__>;; Though the story in my dream was pretty different...
  • 16:38:43: Giggling like mad over screencaps of My xxx is best in the universe. I've changed my mind, this looks AWESOME.
  • 16:42:06: I just got some spam email with the subject "Penny.Stocks.that.Jump." I read that as "Panty Stockings." >____>
  • 16:46:05: Well, that and the fact that it's apparently quite Simon/Nia despite all the chaos.
  • 16:46:37: Did I just use Simon/Nia as an adjective? ...Yes, I just did.
  • 16:55:22: And seriously, the video is going to be over five minutes long. OVER FIVE MINUTES OF /THAT/. Just LOL.

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