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Late night thoughts

Bah. Only five more days until the application deadline for Bryn Mawr, and I still haven't gone for an interview. I give up. -__- I've already gotten into two schools, I guess that's enough...though omg their Ancient History and Archeology courses are major droolage.
I'm still going to take the SAT II's, though. Reason 1) Because I want to challenge myself and see how well I can do. Reason 2) Because if I do well, my scores will be sent to my colleges of choice and I'll hopefully redeem myself for my drop in grades. Reason 3) It sounds like fun. No, really. I love History, and Writing shouldn't be too hard. I'm feeling almost excited at the thought. Now watch as I fail and make myself look like a fool.

And...oh yeah, today was Rachel's birthday party and here's what I have to say: Chuckie Cheese's pizza is really, really good. Must be the sauce that they use. But little kids running around everywhere like it's a frickin' zoo is not cool. That place was so much more fun to go to when I was young. -_-

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