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I've been following Yasuhiro Irie (director of FMA: Brotherhood) on Twitter. Turns out it was worth it, if only for this tweet by him today:

"We've received Hagane's original manga up to the final chapter in storyboard form, and using that as the source, we are making the scripts and storyboards. Arakawa-san has a powerful way of working. We're stupified by the amount of material in the final chapter. Whether crying or laughing, there's only two months left."

So finally, we have confirmation that 1) the anime will be following the manga all the way to the end, and 2) both manga and anime will be ending in two months. :( I wonder just how long the final chapter is going to be though. Personally I'm hoping for like 100 pages, but I dunno how realistic that would be. XD;
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