Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,


Oh, and JUSTINE! Once you find the time to watch those episodes of FMA, comment in this post and tell me what you think! :D

Aaaand jumbling all Fullmetal-related things in here, I've found yet another classmate who knows about FMA, this time in my French class! Woohoo! She seems to be a pretty cool person after talking for a while. ^__^

And Brianna's reaction to the first 3 episodes: she said it was addicting. She told me she had at first been planning to watch just one episode, but after that she just had to continue. She thought episode 3 was sad (yes, indeed). And remembering my denial campaign earlier in the year, she asked me, "He's not really going to die, is he?! I liked him!" Hopefully now she doesn't think I'm so crazy. >D
Overall, she thought it was very good, so once my other tape gets filled up, I might let her borrow that too.

GASPU! DVD coming out next month!! :O

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