Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Heroman Episode 5

ShukumeiGattai: do you mind Heroman spoilers? cuz I might spam you with them in a while
silversomoe: It's fine XD
ShukumeiGattai: okay!
ShukumeiGattai: last week on Heroman: the aliens unleash a giant ball to flatten the city! Heroman was unable to defeat it, but at least he held it back long enough for all the citizens to evacuate the school before it got squashed! and then the aliens unleashed even more balls. OH SHI
ShukumeiGattai: it's only episode 5 and half the city is demolished lol
silversomoe: oh wow hahaha
ShukumeiGattai: okay, so jock boy dragged his rich friend along into infiltrating the alien HQ and they get captured. rich friend is now like "i haet u"
ShukumeiGattai: wow, creepy alien...something
ShukumeiGattai: oh snap giant ball is making its way toward the highway D:
ShukumeiGattai: they were just talking about Joey being tired out from the battle and then they stick him on a bike to generate electricity for a couple of hours...
silversomoe: pffft
ShukumeiGattai: professor is trying to use alien technology to turn a guitar into a weapon...okay, that's pretty awesome
ShukumeiGattai: lol newspaper headline: "Aliens attack Center City"
ShukumeiGattai: so Lina appears in the middle of the ravaged city full of alien assassins because she wants to tag along with Joey. Joey tells her its dangerous and she's like "then protect me okay? ;D" :|
silversomoe: hah
ShukumeiGattai: HOLY SHIT WHAT
ShukumeiGattai: WHAAAT
silversomoe: ???? :O
ShukumeiGattai: jock boy's been turned into an alien assassin!
ShukumeiGattai: he's got red eyes and everything
ShukumeiGattai: now he's got like a cockroach body and the only part that looks human is his head sticking out of the top of the shell
ShukumeiGattai: the ED animation is totally misleading. it shows all these cute slice-of-life scenes with the characters. clearly Joey and Will can't arm wrestle now that Will's been turned into an alien.
silversomoe: hahaha
ShukumeiGattai: I can't imagine the characters playing baseball or playing in a band either since the show is in full on alien invasion mode
Tags: anime

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