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Re: FMA Episode 54

Originally posted a lot of this on Twitter, but since it's spoilery I'm moving it to here.

-HOLY SHIT BONES. They actually showed young Riza taking off her shirt in front of Roy!!! Even the manga didn't show that much! :O I can already imagine the number of doujinshi that will emerge thanks to those few seconds...

-Wow, Roy is really pissed. And wow, the animation of him burning Envy here nearly tops episode 19...for a second I think they even used an exact same angle from when he was burning Lust.

-Whyyy does Fetus Envy have to sound so adorable. WHYYYY.

-Running some of Envy's past lines during the revelation that he's actually envious of humans was a pretty effective addition. Or at least, hopefully now not as many people will be going "but that came out of nowhere!" :/ All the Hughes flashbacks were a bit much though.

-Well that was an intense first half of the episode. I'm surprised they were able to fit in so much before the eyecatch. Actually, is it just me, or did they lengthen the first half of the episode? Because the second half felt REALLY short.

-Speaking of the eyecatch, the lack of "Fullmetal Alchemist!" voice during Envy's eyecatch was a nice touch. It was like a moment of silence.

-HELL YEAH ARMSTRONG. I guess it's not surprising that they weren't able to fit Sloth's death in this episode too. Oh well. HELL YEAH IZUMI!

-They played Hohenheim's scene during the ED! On one hand, it was kinda cool, but on the other, the ending song didn't fit the scene and the parts where the screen went black just made it really obvious that the only reason they did this was because they couldn't find room to put that scene into the actual episode, so they just squeezed it into the ED as a last resort.

In all, that was a pretty excellent episode. A Roy/Riza fest as predicted. Actually, it even went beyond my expectations with that young Riza showing young Roy her tattoo. Though I don't really ship them, it was neat to actually see that since in the manga it was only implied that she had to get nekkid each time Roy needed to see that tattoo.
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