Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-22-2010

  • 01:32:30: Okay, seriously, every time that commercial comes on, the song gets stuck in my head. >:E THIS HAS TO STOP.
  • 05:17:14: LMAO Heroman got run over XD
  • 05:23:19: It grew even larger! O_O Does this thing run on Spiral Power or what??
  • 05:24:11: Can it grow galaxy-sized if Joey yells loud enough I wonder?
  • 05:25:27: Ohhh snap, more giant balls. Okay, I'm starting to enjoy this now.
  • 05:29:33: You know, I thought this show might have school slice-of-life scenes too, but it looks like that might not happen.
  • 05:30:35: The alien invasion is basically wiping out any chances of that. They even destroyed the school in this episode!
  • 05:37:59: They've literally turned the city into a war zone. The villains are lame, but at least they don't hold back much.
  • 05:52:50: New pet peeve: AMVs that mix FMA Brotherhood footage with that of the first anime. Immediate turn-off. :/

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