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The following dream is rated R

Okay, so a lot of my dreams play out like a movie in my head. They usually have a story, and sometimes are like a genre film (like that dream from a couple months ago that involved a group of space explorers getting stuck on an alien planet where the insect-like aliens are out to kill them). Sometimes, they are also ridiculously epic scale.

I had one such dream last night. Only this time, the story was pretty much just war, death, and genocide.

It started out with the nation of Xing invading Amestris. Well, okay, it was a Chinese-looking country invading a European-looking nation, and I recall the town of Resembool being burned to the ground and a couple of folks hiding out in the attic of the now-empty Rockbell house. Anyway. There were a bunch of ninjas rounding people up and killing them, sending them to camps, putting them in twisted death games for their own amusement, etc.

But then I switch to the invaders' POV and suddenly discover that Amestris is also populated by vampires, friggin angels that kill people with arrows of holy light, and acid-spewing velociraptors that like to dissolve people's heads before chomping on their bodies. So the deeper they go into the country, the more death and devastation they face too. Also I distinctly remember one of the vampires looking just like Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. Also for some reason the only thing separating Xing from Amestris was a tunnel in a mountain.

All of this was very vivid to me. My POV kept switching from one person to another every second or so because people just kept getting killed that often.

WTF, self. W. T. F. x_______x;

EDIT: Now I'm looking back through my "dreams" tag and cracking up. But WHY are so many of my dreams about death and destruction?? D:
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