Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-18-2010

  • 00:17:25: FUNimation's rewriting of dialogue in this episode irked me. Those two lines were supposed to be /foreshadowing/. :/
  • 01:14:18: If there's one problem I have with Durarara, it's that I so frequently get frustrated on behalf of Celty. GAH.
  • 04:29:06: OH GOOD it looks like they'll be including the flashback scene with Riza asking Roy to burn her back in episode 54. Finally.
  • 04:47:40: So basically next episode will be a Roy/Riza fest.
  • 14:30:41: RT @Anime: News: #Anime Expo to Host Voice Actor Katsuyuki Konishi // Konishi to host 1st Gurren Lagann film's screening, Kamina c..http ...
  • 14:31:25: HOLY SHIT. Why is it always the west coast?! Come on, Otakon needs to get something awesome too! Screen Lagann-hen, /please!/
  • 14:34:55: Seriously, if Otakon gets Yukari Fukui to host a screening of Lagann-hen, that would be...perfect. And I would be jumping to go.
  • 14:37:55: But really, that is the sweetest deal for Kamina fans in the US. I can already imagine how hotblooded that will be. :D
  • 14:38:20: I hope someone takes videos.
  • 15:22:30: RT @DevonDoomsday:
  • 19:03:46: I suck. I've been doing more writing today, but it's all for Chapter 12 again. .__.;
  • 19:05:41: At least this means there will be much less of a wait between Chapter 11 and 12? Ahaha...
  • 19:08:11: But seriously, 12 is on its way to becoming my favorite chapter. Seeing as how Chapter 7 seems to be the most popular, judging by the...
  • 19:09:21: ...number of hits it gets on, I'm curious to see how Chap. 12 will do in comparison.
  • 19:14:09: ...At this rate I'm going to hype up 12 so much that people's expectations will be too high. .__.;
  • 23:14:25: I am writing /so much/ tonight. This makes me happy. :D

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