Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-17-2010

  • 01:18:13: Well that was depressing. D:
  • 01:23:32: All I'm hoping for from the anime industry is new works by the few creators I'm familiar with, and second seasons for Mushishi & Baccano!
  • 01:32:49: Still haven't checked out Night Raid or WORKING!! and don't really feel like doing so after what I've heard.
  • 01:36:02: So for now I'll just stick with FMA: Brotherhood, Durarara!!, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, and Heroman. That's more than enough anyway.
  • 01:36:46: And what's with all these series having exclamation points in their titles these days??
  • 01:40:58: Now that I'm following members of GAINAX staff on Twitter, I can know exactly when they show up at events, lawl.
  • 02:56:23: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 3: Okay, Usui cracks me up. I like him as a male lead. :D He and Misaki play really well off each other.
  • 03:22:40: I'm amused how Maid-sama appeals to otaku with moe stereotypes while it also appeals to fans like me for making fun of moe stereotypes.
  • 03:24:42: It's a win-win combination, really. Come to think of it, Ouran was like this too. Except Maid-sama is more regular shoujo than harem.
  • 04:00:18: OMG the Fukuoka Talk Live Animated is starting right now.
  • 04:15:06: Argh, so I was planning on not going into Simon's POV at all for Chap 11 Pt 3, but now I'm wondering if his development won't be...
  • 04:16:09: ...convincing enough unless I do. But I wanted to make it seem obvious what he's thinking without actually going inside his head...
  • 04:18:19: Because I want his actions to look unpredictable. Plus going inside his head would just be more angst angst angst.
  • 04:20:19: Guess I'll write it the way I wanted it first then see what my beta readers say about it. :/
  • 04:25:03: Or I can make him go into a monologue!! Ahaha. Cheesy as hell, but I'll give it a try.
  • 04:48:46: ...Okay, wow, the monologue option is turning out GREAT. Much better than I originally imagined. :D
  • 14:19:31: Ohhh god the Simon thread still creeps me out. *shudder* D:
  • 19:15:36: How to Train Your Dragon was okay. Toothless was adorable. I wish they would design 3D glasses better for people who already wear glasses.

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