Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-16-2010

  • 01:51:38: Hahaha my Bayleef completely slaughtered Brock's team single-handedly. Shortest gym battle ever.
  • 03:07:05: RT @Anime: News: Aniplex America Sells Gurren Lagann Movie DVDs in July // 1st film on July 1, 2nd film on July 30; limited..http://4NN. ...
  • 03:07:50: Oh shit. Am considering double-dipping on Lagann-hen when the US DVDs come out. D:
  • 03:13:21: Seriously my mind is kind of blown right now by this news.
  • 03:14:08: NO ENGLISH DUB. OMG.
  • 03:15:02: And I was /just/ about to say "Gurren Lagann is alive in the US again!" But that'll probably discourage a lot of buyers.
  • 03:17:45: Disappointing, because I liked the TV series dub, but truth be told if I ever see the movies in theaters, I want them to be in Japanese.
  • 03:24:12: Okay, still glad I bought Lagann-hen in Japanese, because the US DVD will still lack the commentary, drama CD, & other bonus features.
  • 03:24:43: And the box isn't as cool.
  • 03:27:29: But if Parallel Works 1 is being released with the movies, how will Parallel Works 2 be released? Assuming they will be eventually?
  • 03:28:19: I mean, Parallel Works 2 should already be out by the time these DVDs are on sale, so they could have put all of Parallel Works 1 in...
  • 03:28:56: ...the set for Gurren-hen, and Parallel Works 2 in the set for Lagann-hen. That would make more sense IMO.
  • 03:35:09: OH MY GOD the subtitling for the trailers looks so unprofessional. THEY USE COMIC SANS.
  • 03:37:42: I sure hope they use a different font on the actual DVDs. Because LOL, that just looked ridiculous.
  • 04:15:10: Maybe I'll be cheap and buy the regular versions...but it would be nice to have Parallel Works 1 on DVD...
  • 15:53:00: Wow, ANN has a full-skin Gurren Lagann ad now.

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