Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-14-2010

  • 00:25:53: Not done yet, but I made some good progress today. About five pages of translation. :O I think there's only one or two pages left now.
  • 00:28:21: So I'll finish it tonight or in the morning, and have my mom look over it tomorrow for any errors, and I'll be done.
  • 00:29:26: Then I can get back to working on Chapter 11 of SoPHD...
  • 00:51:09: Five days of nothing and then suddenly my fic is getting 60-70 hits a day again. I think I might owe this to @StarwaveImpulse <3
  • 01:02:25: I'm going to watch some anime to clear my head a bit. x_x
  • 01:31:03: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 2: Still pretty typical shoujo. Still pretty fun to watch.
  • 02:06:36: Durarara has a new OP & ED. I liked the previous ones better. :( Also I find Izaya & Mikado buddying it up online endlessly amusing.
  • 02:09:40: I like Izaya, okay? Not because he's "hot," but I think he's fun and interesting. Sure he's a troll, but he actually gives good advice...
  • 02:11:41: times, and even though he's totally intimidating, he still pays respect to a kid like Mikado. And everything he does is for the lulz.
  • 02:15:05: Then there's the crazy talk about Valhalla and the mismatched board game. He's a psycho, but a fun psycho.
  • 02:46:45: Holy shit, they've started on the final episode (of FMA Brotherhood) now. Hoooly shit.
  • 17:58:01: Translating from English to Japanese can be a lot like translating from Japanese to English. Sometimes it can't be translated directly...
  • 17:59:34: I have to find a way to completely reword it, but sometimes it can be translated directly and still sound natural, even good.
  • 18:00:45: Of course my Japanese vocabulary isn't nearly as good as my English, so translating to Japanese is still a lot harder for me. -__-;
  • 18:49:36: AHHH I'M FINISHED.

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