Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-13-2010

  • 02:50:58: Because someone asked me about the Basic Drill and Final Drill books, I just spent like two hours flipping through them...
  • 02:52:07: ...completely losing track of time and missing the re-airings of The Daily Show and Colbert Report I planned on watching. .__.;
  • 03:22:14: Argh, I've had "Rain" stuck in my head for most of the day.
  • 04:07:24: Boota is the only pigmole who wears glasses. This is never explained. Well, okay, Nakashima once said some nonsense about the glasses...
  • 04:08:30: ...being like a horn, but you can clearly see Boota's glasses come off in certain parts of the series. He even has them off when he sleeps.
  • 04:09:23: I'll just have to stick with my headcanon for that then. At least the Final Drill explains the star on his butt as being a birthmark.
  • 15:38:51: WHY IS JAPANESE SO HARD. D:
  • 15:43:53: *listens to "Period" to pump myself up*
  • 15:47:26: I honestly think this and "Shunkan Sentimental" are the most hot-blooded songs this series has had.
  • 15:53:49: AHHH NEW DOUBLE K.
  • 16:06:53: ...I fear Double K might make me ship Kamina/Kittan even more. Help. D:
  • 19:52:26: Oh my god why did I write this in a way that is so hard to translate. D:
  • 21:37:23: I only watch Glee casually, but I swear, Sue is the best character in this show.
  • 21:58:47: Okay, those two cheerleader girls are pretty awesome too. ...Why do I find the meaner characters the most likeable?

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