Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-08-2010

  • 05:12:33: You know, if giant cockroach creatures suddenly descended from the sky, I think I would be screaming my head off rather than just watching.
  • 05:12:54: *watching Heroman btw*
  • 05:18:15: ...Why does no one get freaked out by these things until they start wreaking havoc??
  • 05:22:19: Ooh, Joey gets superpowers too? Niiiice.
  • 05:31:15: Still find this show uninteresting. D: I feel so left out. My Japanese friends seem to love it...
  • 05:33:58: I think the problem is that, if this were truly an American cartoon, I would expect more humor, or at least some wit, from the characters.
  • 05:35:22: I'm thinking of superhero shows I grew up with like Static Shock, X-Men: Evolution, the Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond...
  • 05:37:04: But everything in Heroman is just so straightforward...
  • 05:38:57: Maybe it's that in America, the superhero genre is so played out that the characters already come with some self-awareness of its cliches.
  • 05:43:28: It's like how Gurren Lagann is with the mecha genre. Mecha has such a tradition in Japan that the characters can have that self-awareness.
  • 05:45:02: That's why they can joke about drills and fighting spirit and gattai immediately without having to explain any of the conventions.
  • 05:51:18: So to me, Heroman is like Gurren Lagann minus any of the self-referential humor. Which takes away like a third of the entertainment value.
  • 06:20:19: Well, I don't think Heroman stacks up to GL in terms of writing or action yet either, so we'll see.
  • 15:59:14: Oh man, and now the new FMA chapter is up to derail my day. Not that I'm not happy, mind you.

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