Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-04-2010

  • 00:22:45: Gawd, dub!Envy's voice is awful.
  • 00:27:44: Looks like Adult Swim is cutting off the parts of the episode that come after the ED too. That's going to cause problems later on...
  • 00:30:39: Seriously, dub!Envy sounds like an old woman with throat cancer.
  • 00:32:15: Can't wait for the new OP/ED with the new Brotherhood episode today!!
  • 04:11:36: LOL THAT EYECATCH
  • 04:12:11: Huh. I'm actually not sure if I like that OP. It's so ANGSTY and the singer's voice gets annoying at the end.
  • 04:12:59: However, fluffy EdWin at the end made me squee and wibble at the same time. Ed looks so peaceful. ;__; God I'm scared of the ending now.
  • 04:26:18: Wow, but Shokotan totally delivered with that ending song! <3
  • 21:42:10: Shokotan's "RAY OF LIGHT" PV:
  • 21:42:25: I like how a suit of armor shows up for a moment. XD
  • 21:45:33: And seriously I think I would be in love with this song even if I didn't know who sang it.

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