Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 00:45:57: OMG I hate the new Youtube. The pages keep freezing on me which causes the entire WINDOW to freeze! Now I can't use the other tabs!
  • 00:50:26: Just had to close my browser and start it up again in order to restore use of those tabs. D:<
  • 00:52:39: Looks like I'll have to avoid using Youtube from now on. DAMMIT.
  • 15:05:33: I wish I could join in on the hype for Heroman but honestly, I found the first episode dreadfully boring.
  • 15:06:41: It's not like I'm opposed to campy fun (being a Gurren Lagann fan and all), but the problem was I thought it was all camp and no fun.
  • 15:10:17: I might keep watching just to see if it gets interesting later though. Who knows. I need something to replace Hanamaru Kindergarten.
  • 15:29:46: The only other series that really caught my eye at Tokyo Anime Fair were WORKING!! and Senkou no Night Raid, so I might check those out too.
  • 15:30:40: But in general I saw more movies to look forward to this year than TV series. :/
  • 17:32:23: King Kittan keeps falling off the computer whenever I accidentally nudge it, causing its arms to fall off. :(
  • 17:32:37: Guess I'll have to move it to my room after all...
  • 18:04:24: Yaaaay I caught an Elekid on my walk today. :D It shall be my new walking partner.
  • 19:14:34: Ahaha I find it kinda hilarious that my Steelix is so huge now that it has to go in its ball when I go inside buildings.
  • 23:04:34: That's the first time I found & caught a shiny Pokemon OMG. :OOOO
  • 23:07:21: And if I wasn't paying attention I totally would have just run away ahaha. Since it hardly looks different from a normal Seel.
  • 23:31:09: OMG the calling out Lugia sequence is SO pretty. O_O

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