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Re: Hanamaru Kindergarten Finale

I originally started writing this on Twitter, but then it got too long so I'm transferring it all over here instead. If it seems disjointed and like I go off on tangents, that's why.

Hanamaru Kindergarten Finale:

...What? Nooo! I was SO ready for a touching sweet ending but it just ended like any other episode! D: And it seriously did feel like a finale episode for a while there. DAMMIT YAMAMOTO-SENSEI! He tried so hard! ><

It feels so inconclusive. I suppose it's because the manga isn't over yet? Couldn't GAINAX have come up with their own original ending? Guess I'll have to read the manga now, but I'm afraid that might lead to more head-banging. HOW MANY TIMES DOES HE HAVE TO CONFESS TO HER?!?

It's so frustrating when a series is forced to stick to the status quo beyond reasonable means. Detective Conan, I'm looking at you. >_> I've been dragged through the "OMG is something finally going to happen?! ...oh, no, it's just same as always" schtick for far too long.

As compared to FMA and Gurren Lagann- characters may die, sure, but at least SHIT ACTUALLY HAPPENS. I like forward movement, I really do. I mean, it might make things hard to work with in fanfic, but it's satisfying to read/watch.

Series like Mushishi and Kino no Tabi are an exception, because there, the status quo is the whole point and there is no plot to speak of. Though I do admit my favorite episodes in those series are the ones where things get personal and something almost does happen. But at least I'm not being lead on, because I know that nothing is going to change, so I can just enjoy the character drama for being there.

In Detective Conan, things actually do happen sometimes. And those arcs are friggin awesome. But they only come in between years and years of fan baiting, so the actual plot moves at a snail's pace. :( Character development fares somewhat better- you can actually see characters change and make new relationships as it goes along.

Of course, it's been a long while since I last caught up on DC, but I assume it hasn't changed much. It's funny, back during like...Volume 36-37, when DC was still my main fandom, I was actually getting teary because I thought that the series might end soon. My mom thought I was being silly. She was right. It's pretty hilarious in hindsight because that was so long ago and the manga is like in the late 60's now. Also taking into consideration all the epic stuff that happened in Volume 42 and how that was basically just the beginning of getting deep into the plot. I used to think Volume 24 served that purpose. What the hell man, I was so naive back then.

So I am totally justified if I get teary over Fullmetal Alchemist, because that is actually ending. Characters are getting maimed and dying all over the place, subplots are being tied up, huge world-changing events are happening, we're down to the final showdown, and it is GLORIOUS. It may make me cry like a weepy teenager again, but that is so totally justified. NO SHAME.

...Wow, I really did go off on a tangent there, didn't I? ^^;

EDIT: You know, when I get to thinking about it, I think another reason why I'm so frustrated by the whole Tsuchida/Yamamoto thing is that I actually quite admire Tsuchi. I've been through having a crush and no matter how many times I thought of confessing my feelings, I never had the guts, and in the end nothing's come of it...something I still regret. And yet Tsuchi's managed to try asking Yamamoto out on dates, has confessed to her two times, and still nothing's come of it! I mean, come on! Sure, he may be introverted and kinda pathetic, but he still had the courage to make those advances, and that's an admirable quality! He even managed to be pretty romantic about it! But in the end it's all a wasted effort! GAH!

And if I psycho-analyze myself even further, I might also be feeling for him because I still regret turning down that guy who asked me out during college. When it happened, the way he approached me freaked me out, but then later after I talked to people about it, I realized that was a brave thing he did, and it was only circumstantial details and my own social awkwardness that ruined it. And I didn't remember his name or face so I was never able to get back to him, and my reaction must have discouraged him because he never approached me again. :( Yeah, I still really regret that. I'm so sorry...

So I guess what it comes down to is that I wish I were in Yamamoto's place, or that I had my own Tsuchi, because goddammit I wouldn't waste that chance again. Even if it's not meant to be, the effort is worth at least one friggin date.

EDIT 2: I should mention that despite my grumbling about the romantic subplot, this show was still very worthwhile and enjoyable. The last episode especially had a message that really struck home with me despite the lack of resolution. "How do you know you're not good enough? Don't give up! Because nothing's stronger than love!" ;__; Okay, Anzu. Next time, I'll remember that...
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