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And yet more doujinshi

As mentioned before, I wasn't able to go to Winter Comiket. But tobu_ishi still got me the doujinshi that I wanted! :D ♥♥ Four of these are from her, and the other two I got from auctions.

Added to my collection:

Kimi to Hoshizora to Sheets no Umi de by Sumiyaki Grill
Unohana Tsukiyo by Awoniyoshi
Tamago no Ohimesama by OVERCAT
!? by Kuchibue Koubou & Zebura no Hi
Hoshi wo Yomu Tori by Imokan
Present by Imokan

tobu_ishi also got me this adorable Princess Tutu copybon! ♥ And it's by Yame Shouka! I used to visit her fansite so much when I was really into Princess Tutu ahaha.

Kimi to Hoshizora to Sheets no Umi de
Half of this doujinshi is just Simon and Nia lying around in bed, which automatically makes it awesome. There's reminiscing about the past, about two pages of them having sex (not graphic, and kinda awkwardly drawn besides), then Simon "calls" Lagann over and they go out for the night as they spend their last days together. Overall, just really cute. ♥

Unohana Tsukiyo
A Garlock/Young!Nia doujinshi. I'm not usually into the time paradox stuff since the pedo vibes squick me (with Parallel Works #1 being an exception since there's obviously an age difference, but at least Nia looks more like 16/17 years old to me there). However, I'm always eager for more Garlock and this doujinshi is pretty innocent and cute, so I liked it. :D

This doujinshi is mostly just about them meeting. As for how they meet, most people in fandom just seem to go "LOL, he's Garlock, he can bend time and space however he wants." That's also the case with this doujinshi. Simon goes for a "walk" and randomly finds himself in the valley of discarded princesses. He opens one of the boxes and is disturbed by what he sees inside...

This is my favorite part. He's all gearing up to do something badass...

And then Nia's box falls on him. XD
Their interaction plays out pretty much how you'd expect. XD Eventually, Simon decides to take her home with him. Aww Boota.

And then there's a short bit at the end with Yoko finding out about this, and because I love Garlock+Yoko snarky friendship, this just made the whole thing even better.
Yoko: "Even after knowing you this long, I never knew you were a lolicon... (Though I did wonder if you were gay...)"
Simon: "Don't be stupid, I like boobs."

Tamago no Ohimesama
OMG, this is my 5th OVERCAT doujinshi. :O This is basically the story of Tamago no Ou-sama from Nia's point of view.

Drunk Simon is adorable, and so are Nia's reactions to him. :D

Hoshi wo Yomu Tori
Several short stories from all over the timeline. The art is great, and it has a nice variety of cute and funny and touching and pretty.

A before-the-wedding story focusing on Nia and Darry.

I feel I should give a warning here first. This is my second porny doujinshi. It is also entirely genderswitch. As such, it consists of 1) crack, 2) more crack, and 3) explicit porn, of which I did not take any pictures, but believe me it was quite graphic (to an unnecessary extent...does anyone seriously think seeing what goes on inside is hot? Seriously??). Needless to say, the porn was not to my tastes and the doujinshi is aptly named. >_>;

But still! Over 80 pages of Simon/Nia genderswitch! *flails* Though I still prefer normal Simon/Nia by far, genderswitch intrigues me, with how certain things in their dynamic might change or stay the same. I admit I'm a bit uncomfortable with how fandom characterizes male!Nia as a pervert, because it seems too OOC, but it's still pretty hilarious seeing Nia cheerily menacing Simon with toys or, *cough*

Anyway, first few pages into the doujinshi and I'm already laughing my ass off. One day, Simon and Rossiu are talking and Rossiu starts wondering if Nia will grow up to have the same body type as Lord Genome. You know, because of genetics. Simon thinks that'll never happen and brings it up to Nia later when they're together. Nia thinks it could be possible and gets up. "I'll try it!" He starts powering up.

"I, too, will have a super body like my father...!"

But Nia couldn't do it after all, and Simon is just fine with that. Nia thinks, "But it would be so cool..."


And OMG. Parallel Works #1 and Drama CD AU gets genderswitched! And more! (Huh, guy!Yoko is hot) (Huh, girl!Kittan is cute) (Ahaha Kinon)

There's also a story written in prose, and that one really took the cake, as it is quite possibly the most crackish fanfic I've ever read in this fandom.

It starts out with girl!Simon waking up to discover that, after having sex with Nia, she's turned into a man overnight. (Yes...that's right.) So basically Simon's body is now male but he/she still identifies as a female. Naturally, this is very startling for Simon, while Nia seems mostly amused. Unfortunately, Simon can't skip work that day because they have a really important event she has to be present for, so he/she heads to the office. And soon feels like crying because no one but Rossiu notices any difference. XD He/she spends the rest of the day trying very hard not to let anyone realize she's become a man, and ends up nearly getting raped by a serial rapist who still thinks he/she's a woman.

Nia rescues him/her, and takes him/her home, and then they have sex! And now this has turned very gay, and yet at the same time kinda not. The next morning, Simon wakes up to discover that she's still a man, and this time Nia's also turned into a woman! Nia reveals that it's her/his fault that this has happened to them, because she/he read a book that said wishing for a sex change while having sex gives you a sex change (LOLWAT), and Nia had happened to be wondering what Simon would be like as a man. And the previous night, Nia had been thinking he would like Simon to take his virginity, and thus he's become a girl. Simon is all ready to run away at this point, but Nia reminds him/her that they'll need to have sex again in order to turn back to normal. And so they do. The end.

OW MY BRAIN. I was giggling incredulously the whole time I was reading that because, um, just...WHAT. x____X;

So yeah, I think that's enough genderswitch to last me a lifetime, ahaha. And I shall leave off with this:

My updated Wishlist:

Kakitee mono wa kakiteenda!! by Tauken
Hoshi to mimizuku by Imokan
pglp by Sumiyaki Grill
Moshimo no Sekai by Gura
Taiyou to tsuki no hi by Gura
The Heart Asks Pleasure First by Gura
Hitori to Ippiki by OVERCAT
OP. 10-3 by OVERCAT
Kimi no Himitsu by Mizutama
Any of the previous staff doujinshi from the Rakugaki Drill series (that I can find at a reasonable price).

Oh, and I was thinking of posting this eventually, so I'll just do it now. My Gurren Lagann posters:
BEHOLD MY AWESOME GURREN LAGANN ROOM OF AWESOME. Including one poster autographed by Yuri Lowenthal and an illustration+autograph by Sushio that umeko_pyon got for me. ♥ It's probably a bit much, but I'm happy I finally got the awesome poster that I wanted, and I'm officially done with posters now (I don't have room for more anyway).
Tags: doujinshi, gurren lagann, princess tutu

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