Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 03-06-2010

  • 04:25:53: I've only just now become aware of the existence of Big Bang Challenges.
  • 04:27:07: For anyone else who doesn't know, here's an example:
  • 04:27:54: Inevitably I begin wondering whether it might be possible to do this in Gurren Lagann fandom.
  • 04:28:53: But do we even have enough (active) writers and artists left for it to work? D: Could this maybe bring some out of the woodwork?
  • 04:32:31: Maybe not...of the active writers, most seem to have their hands full with their current projects, or don't seem inclined toward long fics.
  • 04:45:48: FMA fandom's Big Bang seems to have had at least 20 writers and artists signed up...yeah, this probably won't work.
  • 05:20:03: OMG I was right, Shouko Nishigaki is directing her own Gurrepala! *__* ...No Shouko Nakamura though. :(
  • 05:21:33: OMG AM I /SO/ LOOKING FORWARD TO AKEMI HAYASHI'S. Simon/Nia video ahhhhhhhhhhh!
  • 05:22:05: I CAN'T SLEEP NOW DAMMIT.
  • 05:43:29: Man, it looks like we'll be getting Gunmen backstory too? AWESOME. *____*
  • 11:43:45: Videos I'm looking forward to the most: The sense of Wonder, Kittan Zero, Goodbye Dai-Gurren, and the Gunmen one.
  • 18:44:10: So I was listening to Gurren Lagann music while cleaning the house today, and when Sorairo Days was on, mom asked,
  • 18:45:37: "Don't you ever get tired of this song?" I was like "Hahaha no." Later on when "S.t.a.r.S" was on she was like "THAT'S ENOUGH OF MY STAR."
  • 22:27:01: I get the feeling that GAINAX might be putting more money into the second Parallel Works compared to the first one...
  • 22:31:20: What with the new music and all. Maybe once they saw how successful the first one was, they decided it was worth it.

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