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From Twitter 03-05-2010

  • 04:15:51: Things I need to finish before going to Japan: first half of the drama CD translation and SoPHD Chapter 11 Part 3.
  • 06:50:13: Yay, got some more writing done! I finally have more stuff to take to Writer's Group next week.
  • 14:15:22: You know, I never buy anime figures. In fact, I only have two right now, Princess Tutu and Alphonse Elric.
  • 14:17:01: And yet now, I really want these: Simon ( and Mei ( Maybe a Nia too.
  • 14:20:46: So apparently the type of figures I'm weak for are the ones either too badass or adorable to resist.
  • 14:28:23: Ahhhhh but then I also start wanting Winry ( and Ling ( too.
  • 14:28:33: This is such a slippery slope. D:
  • 17:12:23: LOL And even more LOL at the people who don't get it.
  • 20:39:26: Trying out Domino's new pizza. Wow, this is almost more flavor than I can handle at one time. The crust is like garlic bread.
  • 20:50:59: Is it weird that I might prefer their old pizza? The taste of the sauce & crust in this new one kinda drowns out the taste of the toppings.
  • 21:20:29: Watching this show Who Do You Think You Are?...
  • 21:21:21: ...makes me feel a little disappointed that my lineage traces back pretty cleanly to Japan and Eastern Europe by my mom and grandparents.
  • 21:23:47: Though I guess for all I know, I might be distantly related to Vlad the Impaler. And I have samurai ancestors, which is cool.
  • 21:23:58: But American history is so awesome. D:
  • 22:01:11: Mom says our ancestors weren't samurai, but village headmen. I could have sworn my uncle mentioned samurai to me once...

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