Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 03-03-2010

  • 05:22:28: Man, how long is 2ch going to be down?
  • 05:40:08: I've started making a playlist for Spiral Warriors AU. Not that I have any ideas for it yet. But maybe this could help me think of some.
  • 05:41:10: Naturally, it starts off with "Princes Of The Universe."
  • 10:02:38: I only got a couple hours of sleep but it sounds like they're doing some construction next door and I can't sleep with all this racket. x_x
  • 10:03:24: WTF are they doing over there?? Now they've got some bigass truck???
  • 10:04:12: Well, at least 2ch is back now.
  • 10:07:10: The truck left a huge container behind. What the hell is going on??
  • 10:09:47: I watched him draw this! :D
  • 14:13:56: Okay, the construction next door (is that drilling?) is actually making /our/ house shake now. Sigh, townhouses. :/
  • 18:41:41: This dark weather making me sleepy isn't helping my writing efforts at all. x__x;

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