Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-28-2010

  • 04:29:00: Oh my god, hearing the characters say "the Promised Day is tomorrow" in today's episode of Brotherhood gives me the weirdest feeling.
  • 04:30:47: We're still AT the Promised Day in the manga! Holy shit! The next 15+ episodes are all going to be about just 1-2 days in the timeline.
  • 04:31:44: It's only now that I realize just how much stuff happens in such a short amount of time in the final arc.
  • 04:38:59: I also just realized during this episode that Miles and Bootaide look and act nearly EXACTLY THE SAME.
  • 04:49:24: Miles: Bootaide: SEE WHAT I MEAN???
  • 04:56:12: And they're both going FIRE THE CANNONS in those screencaps too. *way too amused by this*
  • 06:42:37: Seeing people making light of the danger of tsunamis in Japan is kinda making me see red. I just keep remembering that time we drove...
  • 06:43:18: ...along the Izu coastline and saw all those towns built right on the sides of mountains going straight into the oceans, with mom...
  • 06:44:29: ...explaining to me how Japan is made up mostly of mountains so there's not much space for people to live.
  • 06:46:56: It's not like in America where there's enormous parking lots everywhere you look, dammit.
  • 20:04:15: LOL now they're even playing Hanamaru Kindergarten's OP theme on the GL radio show. XDD This isn't even about Gurren Lagann anymore!
  • 21:32:01: AHAHAHA A CLOWN MECHANIC. Nice one, Canada.

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