Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-25-2010

  • 17:46:56: Feeling really low on confidence today...maybe I'll watch some anime to cheer myself up.
  • 17:54:12: Watching Durarara finally.
  • 18:16:36: Okay, headless biker woman is awesome.
  • 19:14:02: Watching Durarara is helping me get a better understanding of Japanese slang.
  • 19:29:42: That's it, now I have to visit Ikebukuro.
  • 19:57:42: Hmm, I think I like being able to marathon through short series like this.
  • 20:02:24: I did that with Eden of the East and Bakemonogatari last year.
  • 20:02:34: It's good for when you're bored and there's shows you're curious about but don't care enough about to watch week-to-week.
  • 21:59:36: Durarara Episode 5...did they just reference Kino no Tabi? XD
  • 23:48:19: Dawww Celty. ;__; Okay, all caught up with Durarara now.

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