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the world is not beautiful...

Just saw...the end of Kino's Journey...


This has now officially become My #1 Favorite Anime.

Episode 11

Good, but confusing.  Many tales in this one, each one different, but very alike. So many different meanings to the words "Her Journey." No doubt it will take repeated viewings before I get all the details.

Kinda disappointed that we didn't see more of the master, though.

Favorite quote:  "Because I'm not God."

Episode 12

Horrible, just horrible.  I think this is my least favorite episode at the moment, because it's so darn effective.  I watched it with increasing dread and horror.

The episode itself was made extremely well.  Maybe too well. The war footage scenes strongly reminded me of the wars of our own world, especially the World Wars, and once again there is no right or wrong answer to the problem at hand.

But still, the horrible.  Depressing.  Beautiful world, indeed. 

And the last scene, with Kino shivering and so obviously afraid...then she just keeps on going without looking back...

Favorite quote:  "But I don't want to die."

Episode 13

At last, the final episode.  I think this is one of my favorites, now. 

I cried a little at the end.  So far there have been only a few anime/manga that have made me cry:  Grave of the Fireflies, Fushigi Yugi, Hikaru no Go, Full Metal Alchemist, and now Kino no Tabi is one of them.

I mean, the story itself was shocking and incredibly sad, but Kino's reaction...that's what made the tears come.  How she grabs her gun, as if it were something that she could control...the expression on her face...hesitating while reading the note from Sakura...

I can understand what she meant when she said she's afraid of meeting people.  "Because I'm only passing through."  *nods*  Can't get too attached, can you?  Sorta the same thing that happened to the original Kino.

Speaking of which, I liked the similarities and differences between this and Episode 4 (Land of Adults).  I can really see why Kino would want to stay there.

*gives Kino a big, BIG hug- because she needs it*

Sometimes I hate Hermes.  I love him, but sometimes...I can understand that he has no human feelings since he's a machine, but he shows no hint of emotion at the most heartbreaking times...I mean, here Kino is just falling apart, and he's calmly explaining the details of how these poor people died.  Horrible.

I loved the montage of scenes from throughout the series at the end, then how it abruptly cuts to a short epilogue.  A fitting end to this wonderful series.

Favorite quote: "See you again someday."

So I'm listening to "the Beautiful World" endlessly on repeat right now.  While watching, I kept skipping the opening song.  Seriously, "all the way" is too upbeat for these specific episodes.  Completely different tone.

The's the end.  No more Kino anime.  I think I'm gonna cry again.  *sniffle*  But not to fear, the novel series shall save me from this ghastly fate!  *hugs novels*

...and I'm gonna go watch the dub version now!


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