Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-23-2010

  • 02:12:35: Just finished listening to the radio show. Manabe said that the members in Parallel Works 2 are people who worked on Lagann-hen.
  • 02:12:47: Does this mean Shouko Nakamura has a chance after all...?!
  • 02:29:36: Watching Yumedamaya Kidan because Shouko Nakamura was character designer & animation director.
  • 02:59:34: Well that was pretty nice. :O
  • 17:26:10: Wow, they're going to hold the Talk Live Animated event in Osaka and Fukuoka too.
  • 17:26:17: "This will probably be the last Gurren Lagann related event." ;__;

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