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Re: FMA Episode 45


They really fleshed out the Greedling VS Wrath fight, didn't they? The fight moved so fast that Keyhole couldn't keep up with it ahaha. Though I liked the way the manga did the part with Greedling shielding his neck better, it was still really good.

LOL OLIVIER VS ALEX. Is it just me or did they make it even more over-the-top? XD I don't think we even saw much of the fight in the manga, but here they had her dragging him down the hall, throwing him into a fountain, throwing him into the fireplace, and all the while the rest of the Armstrong family is packing favorite part is Catherine going "Good luck, brother! ^^" while Olivier's got him on the floor with her sword at his neck. XD POOR ALEX. XD Man, that made me laugh.

LING CAME BACK. ♥ "Homunculus dayo~" I really loved everything with Devil's Next 2.0. ♥ I liked how they made Greed flashback to his old companions when Ed suggested they be friends. And I don't remember if this was in the manga, but Greed flashing back to the Dublith arc when Ed was saying he shouldn't let his emotions get in the way of getting valuable information, realizing how Ed's matured since back then...that was awesome. And then Greed closing his hand over the moon while talking about being "King of the World".... *insert spoilery grumbling about Greed here* >:/

So now we clearly know that Mei never came to Youswell before in Brotherhood. They managed to handle that well though. I actually thought it felt even more touching than in the manga, since Mei never did anything for them, and they're being so hospitable just because she's a little girl about to go into the desert. Dawww.

And oh man, the whole part leading up to "The Promised Day"! IZUMI! HAVOC! EVERYONE! *flails* I looooved how they showed everyone in the cast during the ED credits. And then finally, after the ED and Roy torching the paper, they had the episode title at the VERY END just like in the manga. THEY PULLED IT OFF SO PERFECTLY. It made me cheer. *__*

So yeah, this episode made me very happy. :D ♥

As for the second episode of the dub:

-Narrator: good, this going to be the voice for Father? o_o He didn't sound very old...
-Al's voice is so SOOOOFT. He sounded good when he still had his body, though he did sound a bit girly when he was screaming. At least I was able to hear him this time. I liked his "Yay stew!" and being snarky. And Al was a lot livelier in the second half. So yes, it's improving. (And for the record, I have nothing against Maxey Whitehead. She was excellent in the Baccano! dub. I think the problem lies in how she's being directed.)
-They pronounced it "XERXES" YESSS.
-Omg actually hearing "Xingese Alkahestry" spoken out loud omg.
-The episode somehow doesn't feel so rushed in the dub, though maybe I'm just used to the pacing now.
-I think Caitlin Glass has improved since the first dub, but she can still really sound screechy at times.
-Young Ed still sounds really awkward, especially when he's screaming. D:
-Long commercial break is long. So this is why the OP, ED, and eyecatches get cut up. :/
-They erased the Japanese text again, and again they didn't put in anything to replace it.
-ANGRY ROY IS ANGRY. Travis is still doing a good job playing Brotherhood!Roy.
-I like Riza's voice better now too, she managed to sound softer and showed more range in this episode.

EDIT: Oh yeah and the first eyecatch for this episode was AWESOME (Greed/Wrath/Olivier/Alex omg so much badassery all at once) but Keyhole messed up during the second one so I didn't get to see it. D: *waits for screencaps*
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